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A Registered Venture Capital Management Corporation (VCMC)

Issued by the Securities Commission of Malaysia

5 Pillars Ventures

Founded in 2018, from a humble beginning, we earned a reputation as a respectable venture capitalist through its decisive and firm board of directors and the top management

Our Philosophy

Building a Business Relationship
Empowering Entrepreneurs

Our Principles

It takes the principles below to turn entrepreneurs ideas into profitable business ventures
  • • Exhibiting strong growth prospects and viable business model,

  • • Professional and visionary management team with proven track record,

  • • Integrity and urge to grow,

  • • Well-thought out strategy to remain ahead of competition,

  • • Critical competence vis-à-vis venture,

  • • Ability to evaluate and react to risk.

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Launching of New Funds

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Venture Capital Funds at Glance

Venture Capital funds are pools of capital to be invested in companies or assets that represent an opportunity for a high rate of return. They come with a fixed investment horizon, typically ranging from 3 to 5 years, at which point a Venture Capital firm hopes to profitably exit the investment. Exit strategies include IPOs, promoter’s buy-back arrangement or trade sale of the business to another investment firm or strategic buyer…